Are Toyota’s FJ Cruisers going up in value?

Toyota's Rugged FJ Cruisers are Still in High Demand

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser was discontinued for North American consumers in 2014 but left an impression on car enthusiasts as one of the most unique and rugged SUVs to ever hit the market. The company had decided the sales were too insufficient to justify the manufacturing cost of producing a second generation, concluding in vehicles discontinuation.  However, unlike most cars after the end of their manufacturing years, the FJ Cruiser has continued to be a vehicle in high demand. There are a few factors that have influenced the popularity of this well-built vehicle.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

First, with no new generation in the foreseeable future, there is now a sense of scarcity amongst those who are interested in owning the FJ. Although Toyota had discontinued the model almost a decade ago, many people who still own one have chosen to hold onto the vehicle because of its newfound rarity. Unlike many brands, Toyotas tend to hold their value as they age and due reputation for long-lasting and quality vehicles, the demand for this reliable machine has only grown over the last decade.
If you’re looking today, an FJ Cruiser would likely cost you anywhere from $24000 to $51000 depending on the type of model and the year. The most valuable models for auction are special edition and limited-edition models, so the chances of finding one are more unlikely.

Next, not only is the FJ Cruiser renowned for its performance and reliability, but it is also esteemed amongst off-road vehicles for its tough exterior that can withstand sever conditions. This remarkable machine was built to withstand very extreme circumstances and as a result, is more expensive than other models in its class.
These off-road vehicles are widely used for activities such as rock crawling and off-road racing. One of the most interesting selling points of this vehicle was the fact that it was builder with a waterproof interior, so that driving through deeper waters or having your windows open during heavy rain was a new possibility. The FJ Cruiser also has a superior towing ability and is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds—another huge advantage this vehicle has over other SUVs.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Overall, due to the FJ’s unique appeals and scarcity, used version of the vehicle in good quality will likely cost you close to what the original market value of the vehicle was after originally being released onto the market-- perhaps even more.