Around the Track or Around Town, Driver Safety Means Full Focus


For Toyota, the journey towards a safe road never ends. This commitment is behind a series of Public Service Announcements by Toyota Racing Drivers for In One Instant, an award-winning teen safe driving program.  

Toyota began a partnership with In One Instant in 2021, helping to expand the nonprofit’s reach into a growing number of schools across the country. The program is currently in 3500 schools nationwide. 

Videos from Christopher Bell and Antron Brown, and Toyota track reporter, Jamie Little, speak directly to teen drivers—and all drivers—about the importance of staying focused behind the wheel. The release of the spots coincides with the annual “100 Deadliest Days of Summer,” between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when crashes involving teen drivers are at their height.   

Let’s hear from the pros as they tell us just why they keep their eyes on the road and use full focus as their winning formula.  

Christopher Bell 

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) alum and Team Toyota NASCAR driver Christopher Bell, 27, has been training since he was a teen to drive at the speeds required to make it to the winner’s circle. In addition to his own skills, Bell has a full support team to help get him around the track safely. He also plays his part by remaining fully focused when driving—anywhere.   

“I physically train to handle the stress of driving,” says Bell. “I have software helping my crew chief and engineers make the right strategy calls. And with all this, I never take my eyes off the road.”  

When Bell’s not at work, his driving looks a little different. But on or off the track, one thing is consistent: His full attention is on the road.

Jamie Little

For NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little, keeping her eyes on the track is a full-time job. But according to Little, paying attention to the road is just as important when the cameras are off.

The veteran motorsports reporter has two children, so safety is Little’s top priority. That means no texting, playing with the radio or trying to keep up with the latest racing action while behind the wheel.

“Full focus,” Little says. “Because one distraction can change everything in one instant.”

Antron Brown

Whether he’s on the track or driving through the neighborhood, drag racer Antron Brown has strict car-safety rules — and those rules apply to everyone in the Brown family.   

“One thing for me when I’m behind the wheel is the same for my kids while they’re driving — and that is full focus,” Brown says.   

The three-time Top Fuel champion knows how important it is to stay distraction-free while driving. So as his three kids start to learn how to drive, Brown is making sure they know to stay focused and off their phones while driving. 

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