The Toyota Mirai

Toyota, the inventor of the revolutionary Prius, once again made waves with the introduction of the Mirai (“future” in Japanese) back in 2014. Since its debut, this revolutionary hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle has continued to evolve alongside the tech that supports it. Let’s take a look at the latest model year.

Green Evolution

Hydrogen is the next step in the evolution of green vehicles as its only emission is water vapour which can leave cleaner air in its wake. Hydrogen is also more efficient than current electric vehicles--with an estimated 646 KM range on a single Mirai refuel, which itself only takes about five minutes. The Mirai further evolves by stepping away from the template stamped out by the Prius and moves in a sportier direction by swapping the front-wheel drive to a rear-wheel-drive while upping the horsepower ante to a robust 182 HP output.



Toyota has pulled out all the stops to provide a high-tech experience for the Mirai. Featuring a Wi-Fi hotspot, a 12” infotainment display standard, a snazzy digital rearview mirror that allows the driver to zoom in and out along with a few other neat features. Finally, the Mirai adds the most futuristic touch to its arsenal: a driver heads-up display (HUD) which can do everything from showing your driving speed to giving turn-by-turn directions. Rounding out the high-tech finishes on the Mirai is wireless charging, complete with four USB ports so everyone can have a shot at sharing their playlists on the longer drives.



Right now, the Mirai is only available in California and Hawaii but Toyota remains committed to expanding the Mirai’s reach. So, stay tuned to our blog for new information about this game-changer as it becomes available!

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