The sun is out and restrictions are starting to ease in Ontario, which means there are ample opportunities to get out of the house and have some funWith that in mind here are a few suggestions of places where you can enjoy the majesty of nature, escape the oncoming summer heat and take a short drive to experience it all.

Rideau Trail
Length: 1.8 KM
Elevation Gain: Low
Difficulty: Easy
While hiking this trail to its full extent could take you up to two weeks, we’re just focusing on the portion that follows the Ottawa river starting (ironically enough) at the end of the trail at Major’s Hill and concluding the hike at Richmond Landing. This easy stroll gives you nice views and cool breezes. As an added benefit, your hike can be easily lengthened by continuing to the River Street portion of the trail if you’re feeling up to it.

Top Hiking Trails Near Ottawa

Jack Pine, Beaver, and Chipmunk Loop Trail
Length: 6.8 KM
Elevation Gain: Low/Moderate
Difficulty: moderate
Just a short drive from town you can enjoy this wonderful scenic loop. With great scenery, creeks, and a lake, it is also a good choice for bird watching. This trail is best tackled from April to October – before things start getting too muddy.

Top Hiking Trails Near Ottawa

Outaouais Trail
Length: 11 KM
Elevation Gain: High
Difficulty: Hard
If you’re looking for something a little more challenging this hike is for you. Forming a loop around Lac Philippe, Outaouais Trail offers amazing views of the lake all the way around and. as an added bonus, is only a 45 km drive from Ottawa! Much like the previous entry, this trail is best used from April to October.

Top Hiking Trails Near Ottawa

This list barely scratches the surface of all the exciting hiking opportunities nearby but, we hope it will get you excited to get out and about and don’t be shy about sharing your favourite trails too, we love hearing about your adventures. See you on the trail!

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