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Many vehicle owners keep a set of jumper cables handy in their vehicles, but no one really wants to have to use them. Vehicle batteries and battery charging systems have become so reliable you probably don’t think about your battery at all, until it fails.

Over time, batteries simply can’t hold a charge like they could when they were new. Inside a car battery is a host of chemical reactions and acidic solutions that don’t hold up forever. A battery will degrade even under ideal conditions, but things like extreme heat, frequent short trips, or long periods of not driving can make it lose efficiency quicker.

If your battery is more than three years old, you might notice that your interior lights or headlights dim while you’re driving and using accessories, or your car doesn’t start up right away. If you had to dig out those jumper cables recently, it is probably time to get a new battery. Save yourself the inconvenience that comes from dealing with a dead battery; simply schedule an appointment, and let the experts at Bank Street Toyota in Ottawa help.


Another way to make sure your vehicle will stay charged and running is to make sure you have the right battery for your vehicle. Toyota Premium Batteries are designed, engineered and rigorously tested to meet your Toyota’s exact specs in terms of voltage, physical size, and terminal configuration. They’re also made to be perfectly compatible with Toyota vehicles’ electrical and charging systems.

Our engineers really want us to tell you about a number of Toyota-exclusive engineering advancements. Like a specially formulated electrolyte, which uses demineralized water for significantly reduced water loss and gassing. (We weren’t sure why the engineers were so excited about this, until they explained that it will greatly increase maintenance-free battery life.)

Toyota Premium Batteries also feature reserve capacity. This stores energy that can be used the second your car starts, ensuring that you’ll have the power needed to start your Toyota in even the most extreme conditions.

Our Service Centere at Bank Street Toyota takes pride in providing great service. We want to make sure that your Toyota serves you well for many years after your drive it off the lot. So for any of you searching for a local Toyota servicing destination in Ottawa or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to come down and see us at Bank Street Toyota located at 1811 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7Z6. We look forward to seeing you!