Which Prius is Best for Me?

The Toyota Prius is a cult-favourite for a reason. Energy Efficient, modern designs, and perfect for cities or suburbs. With three options available – the Prius, Prius c, and Prius Prime – you might wonder which Prius is best for me? While you can’t go wrong with any option, there are slight differences between the model. Check out our Prius model breakdown below to find out which Prius is best for you.

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The quintessential Prius comes with the most amount of cargo space at 24.6 cubic feet. It also sits at a mid-range price tag of $27,990 MSRP. Exterior colour options include Super White, Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Supersonic Red, and Electric Storm Blue. For fuel consumption, you can expect 4.4 L/100km, which is better than the Prius c, but not quite as efficient as the Prius Prime. Electric Vehicle (EV) Mode is only available before applying acceleration, so you should only realistically expect EV mode to be used in a parking lot or driveway. The Prius is the most popular model out of the three for its originality and spaciousness.

Prius c

The Prius c is the sub-compact option out of the trio but still seats 5. Due to its size, you will be sacrificing cargo space (17.1 cubic feet total) for easier parking. However, you can also expect a lower price tag at $22,260 MSRP. The colour options are expanded in the Prius c to Super White, Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Black Sand Pearl, Absolutely Red, Sandstorm, Clear Emerald Pearl, and Blue Streak Metallic. Fuel consumption is higher in the Prius c than the other Prius models, which is an average of 5.1 L/100km. And like the Prius, the Prius c only enables EV mode before acceleration. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hybrid option that’s easy to park, the Prius c is best for you.

Prius Prime

The only plug-in hybrid option out of the three, the Prius Prime offers a high combined electric/hybrid driving range of 1,035km. Cargo space is a happy medium between the Prius and Prius c, with the Prime offering 19.8 cubic feet. Coming in with the highest price tag, the Prius Prime has a starting MSRP of $32,990. Much like the other two models, exterior colour options for the Prius Prime include Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Supersonic Red, Titanium Glow, and Blue Magnetism. You can expect the best fuel efficiency in the Prime, with 4.3 L/100km and 1.8 le/100km. Additionally, the Prius Prime offers the longest distance in EV mode at up to 40km. If you’re searching for a plug-in hybrid with exceptionally low fuel consumption, the Prius Prime is best for you.

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