Your Hybrid and Ontario Green Plates

How can I get a Green License Plate?

The Ontario Green Vehicle License Plate is one of the many perks to driving a plug-in hybrid car, alongside potentially lowered costs, modern designs, and a positive environmental impact. The growing popularity of hybrid vehicles has left some wondering how to get their hands on one of these Green Plates. If cutting down your commute time and helping the planet in the process speaks to your environmentally-conscious soul, check out more about Green Vehicle license plates below.

Ontario Green License Plate, Photo courtesy of MTO

Photo courtesy of MTO

What is the Ontario Green Vehicle Plate?

Simply put, the Green Vehicle license plate is a unique plate design option that gives you access to certain High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes across Ontario. More specifically, the Ministry of Transportation states that vehicles with green plates can use these lanes no matter the amount of occupants when on 400-series highways and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). That’s right; you can jam out solo to your favorite music in these lanes.

Eligible Vehicles

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website, vehicles eligible for Green Vehicle License Plates are:

  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs)
  • Used 2010 or later model year PHEVs and BEVs; and
  • PHEVs, BEVs and HFCVs currently operating in Ontario in limited numbers as part of a pilot study or test program.

The Ministry of Transportation has a complete list of eligible vehicles for you to check out. A variety of car manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, Honda, Kia, and BMW have all made the list with eligible models. There are tons of budget friendly options eligible, along with luxury cars like Jaguar and Tesla.

How to get your Green Plates

Thankfully you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your Green Plates. The process is the same as normal vehicle plating, so as soon as you find your perfect car, head to your nearest ServiceOntario centre. If you’re buying a new vehicle, your dealership will typically process the vehicle registration for you. That means you can drive your Prius off the lot without any headaches or worrying.


Green Vehicle License Plates do not involve any extra costs. Essentially, they will be the same registration price as normal plates. In Ontario, vehicle license plates with a permit currently cost $59, in addition to the plate sticker that costs $120 for Southern Ontario residents. Make sure to check the MTO website for the most current prices.

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of driving a hybrid car and helping the environment in the process. Do you drive a hybrid? Comment with some your favorite perks below!